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How colonialism accelerated modernisation outgrowth

How colonialism hindered modernisation


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Modernisation can be described as a translation appendage by which a club achieves contemporaneity because of respective developments. Colonialism played a persona in both accelerating and retardation modernisation treat in the colonies. This newspaper focuses on how colonialism contributed towards and against modernisation.

How colonialism accelerated modernisation treat

Colonialism contributed to modernisation to both the colonies and the colonizers. The colonizers had their exploitation therein they needful stiff political ability and force in rescript to efficaciously battle impedance from the African states. They thus had to use seize measures to inflate and reward their political exponent and force and this increased modernisation (Gann and Duignan 1975, p. 162).

Second, the European countries experient approximately economical hike. They put-upon the mines of their colonies and got golden among former worthful minerals. They too did arrange big plantations in which the Africans provided chinchy task as slaves. This created much of wealthiness for them and experient developments in their states pavage ameliorate way for modernisation (Makdisi 178).

Colonialism too accelerated modernisation of faith in damage of Christianity. In nearly endemic countries, they had traditional way of adoration that was replaced by Christianity in almost parts of the humans that was introduced by the colonizers (Miswano Parity. 2).

Colonialism paved way for modernisation in the colonised countries therein it brought in photo to the colonies. They were capable to interact with the international man and appear of their cocoons. This facilitated communion of info and cognition, which is exponent. They had a bump to hear early cultures and eve shew good relationships with others.

The colonies put-upon to deliver loose educational systems but the colonizers introduced conventional instruction systems. This didactics organisation open the minds of the citizenry and they were able-bodied to recollect international the box. Thither was administration of schools in which the Autochthonal masses enrolled.

The colonies besides benefited from founding of new engineering by the colonizers who sought-after to ameliorate the substructure in price of roadstead to easiness their motility, entry of technically amend and improved agrarian equipments that were exploited in the plantations, edifice equipments and punter industrial machines and tools (Robson and Yee, 2005, p. 64).


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The colonizers did not alone precede improved engineering but they likewise taught the masses in their colonies on meliorate and improved agrarian techniques as they worked in their plantations. The skills learnt in agrarian were of heavy helper to the colonies since they applied them in their farms afterwards independency and this accelerated their modernisation operation.

Thither was too creation of cash crops by the colonizers. During compound menses, the endemic masses largely worked as slaves in the plantations where the cash crops were big, nevertheless, aft independency they were able-bodied to grow the like cash crops and exportation them. Income generated from the payoff was secondhand to get the saving i.e. buy of bettor equipments, scene up of factories and industries etcetera.

Colonialism led to civilisation of the mass and made them infer and esteem the grandness of acculturation reinventation. Civilisation and reinventing of retiring civilisation made masses mindful of the conception of patriotism and the grandness of having a subject sence of belonging. This emotional the motivation to bear exemption implying that masses matte the indigence to be governed by their own governance and practise their civilization likewise as keep their indistinguishability (Metalworker 2006, p. 29)

How colonialism hindered modernisation

The colonialists sought-after to produce new social-political institutions, ameliorate the educational organisation and introduced shipway to amend the home saving of the colonies. Since the African countries lacked passable resources in footing of technological expertness and fiscal resources that were compulsory for them to commence the serve of modernisation, they had to shuffle hooligan economical weather and be their political systems for them to start modernisation (Shinny and Robinson, 2001, p.159).

The colonizers consequently saw this as their bargaining ability as they were volition to cater aid that would helper in evolution of the colonies. Still, aid supply reciprocally led to kill of enterprisingness and independency of brain that are key elements for modernisation appendage and this slowed pile modernisation in African states (Collins, 2008, p.182).

The colonizers victimized the resources in their colonies and ill-used them for their own selfish gains. E.g., they explored for minerals and exploited income generated from the yield to induct in their commonwealth instead investment in the colonies country. Though the colonialists introduced courtly pedagogy to the colonies, solitary few schools were constituted and were not adequate for the integral universe that wished to attend schoolhouse.

Institutions of higher encyclopaedism were likewise poor and peaked equipt frankincense could not run expeditiously. These obstacles slowed the serve of modernisation in the breeding sphere. During the compound catamenia, the governance or disposal organisation was primarily composed of the colonialist and specially in the levels (Harrison and Hoyle 215-216).


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The elites from the colonies were loth to junction the compound administration in older levels piece approximately colonialists could not reserve them to grasp older levels (foliate and sonnenburg, 2003, p. 372). This created a dispute afterwards independency since the brass organization comprised of inexperient force and this led to pitiable organisation deceleration the tread of modernisation (Huntsman and Malik, 2005, p. 221).


Modernisation treat standard generous reenforcement as a resolution of colonialism, which brought in new and improved engineering, amend instruction scheme, likewise as foundation of cash crops among over-the-counter benefits. The colonizers put-upon their colonies and accrued riches. Nonetheless, slack ontogenesis of modernisation can be attributed to colonialism due to such victimisation likewise as kill of enterprisingness and independency of the brain.

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